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I have been vegan for the animals since 2009, but still got very sick.

I began my raw vegan fruitarian journey on October 12, 2014 to battle "incurable" debilitating Multiple Sclerosis, in addition to Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, Hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Alcoholism, Benzo Withdrawal/Damage (as prescribed), Caffeine Addiction, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression, Acid Reflux, and Obesity. I lost 80 pounds, quit all medications, regained function of my body and mind, and found new purpose in sharing this healing message with anyone it may help.


Day 1,081

When I first began this lifestyle, I made tons of pretty rainbow plates (still in my photo albums on FB) and became obsessed with taking pictures of my raw food creations. Somewhere along the way, my preferences shifted towards eating whole raw foods as-is only one or two types of food at a time. Like […]

Day 1,076

Don’t be that person in the gym who takes ALL the foam rollers to their mat just in case they might need them, and then plays on their phone for 15 minutes before deciding that foam rolling isn’t really their thing. Sigh… OKAY! Where was I? Right… Day 1,076. Diseases? Not anymore. “Incurable,” if you […]

Day 1,063

3 years ago today… I ended up in the hospital with Multiple Sclerosis unable to use my left side from the neck down. I cannot believe it… it seems like it was all just a horrible nightmare now. I have learned SO MUCH since then, and regained all of my mobility. I don’t even feel […]

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She listened to my needs, thoroughly reviewed my growth and noted progress, shared ways to redirect thoughts to focus on my goals, she really listened to me, and more.
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L.S. Coaching Client Review

Rebecca Rosenberg is a knowledgeable, honest, compassionate, and attentive teacher and coach. I credit her with helping me to go and stay raw and work through many of my emotional issues. She was incredibly helpful, and worked with me out of the kindness of her heart. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone starting or struggling with their raw vegan journey. She will always have my gratitude.

J. G.

I felt like I was speaking with a friend who truly cared about me.  She created a plan for me and is helping me adjust and make changes as needed along the way.
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T.S. Coaching Client Review

After being armed with this powerful information, I was finally able to successfully make the permanent transition to this amazing lifestyle and have been reaping the benefits ever since. I credit much of my success to Rebecca, who not only leads by example, but encouraged me and coached me along the way.
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Megan Lehnhoff aka “The Raw Outlaw”

When I met Rebecca Rosenberg, I didn't understand why anyone would go vegan, or how they could possibly be healthy if they did. I am still not vegan, but my knowledge and appreciation of the lifestyle has grown tremendously. At this point, I choose fruits and vegetables at least 75% of the time, often more, and frequently raw. I now know why I don't feel well (it is usually the dairy or grease in my diet) and I know how to fix it. Rebecca is a well of knowledge, happy to share it with everyone, and she is not pushy about her lifestyle. In the end, I am far more tempted to try to mimic her lifestyle than if she were confrontational. Turn to Rebecca when you need honest information presented in a compassionate manner.


The MS warrior is coaching! Another great coach needed in the world we live in! If you don't know about her please take the time to read her posts and see what she has experienced and what she has overcome on her journey!

Phillip and Indica Henderson aka "Fruit Muscle Fitness"